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List of registered Museums

    The list of Museums which have so far registered for IMW 2021

Please Note: If you have a Web link to your own club or museum, we can include it within the list on this page,
if you fill in either or both of the Web link entries in your registration form.









 5002 GB0SNB Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker 1+2 Ongar JO01DQ HF VHF CW Secret nuclear bunker contest group
 5005 GB4LD Lizard Wireless Station 1+2 3+4 Lizard IN79JX HF CW DIG Lizard Wireless Station
 5013 GB0YAM Yorkshire Air Museum 1+2 3+4 York IO93MW HF VHF CW DVARS
 5024 GB2CPM Amberley Museum 1+2 3+4 Arundel IO90RV HF Amberly Radio Group
 5211 GB1HA Headcorn Aerodrome 1+2 3+4 Ashford, Kent JO01HD HF VHF CW PSK Kent Weald RC
 5232 GB2CAV HMS Cavalier 1 3+4 Chatham, Kent JO01GJ HF G0TAR/G6TXB
 5282 YQ0RN Radionostalgia - Brusturi 1+2 3+4 Jibou KN17OD HF VHF CW E YQ0RN
 5318 GB4LMG The Folk of Gloucester 1 Gloucester IO81VU HF VHF Gloucester AR and Electronics S
 5321 YR6MUSEUM Sekler Museum of Ciuc 1+2 3+4 Miercurea-Ciuc KN26VI HF PSK DIG Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc
 5397 GB5RSR Ribble Steam Railway 1+2 3+4 Preston IO83OS HF VHF DIG Central Lancs ARC
 5412 VP8HDM Falkland Islands Historic Dockyard Museum 1+2 Stanley GD18BH HF VHF CW DIG Falklands Amateur Radio Club
 5436 GB0ATM Anglesey Transport Museum 1+2 Aberffraw IO73TE HF VHF CW GW4ARG
 5453 DL0WK Bergisches Museum Schloss Burg 2 Wermelskirchen JO31ND HF CW OV Wermelskirchen R19
 5457 HF9MUZEUM Muzeum Gliwice 1+2 3+4 Miercurea-Ciuc JO90HH HF CW PSK DIG SP9KAG
 5459 GB1TMD Tower Museum Derry City 1+2 3+4 Derry City IO64IX HF MI0GTA
 5460 UR4NWW Wireless and Wired Museum 1+2 3+4 Vinnitsa KN49FF HF CW SSTV E DIG Club WW
 5461 W9VR/P Switzerland County Historical Museum 1+2 Vevay EM78LR HF W9VR/P
 5462 NI6BB Battleship Iowa 1 San Pedro CA DM03UR HF CW BIARA (BATTLESHIP IOWA A.R.A, Inc)
 5463 WC8VOA The National VoA Museum of Broadcating 1+2 West Chester, OH EM79TI HF West Chester Amateur Radio Association
 5464 W8M Cincinnati Art Museum 1+2 3+4 Cincinnati OH USA EM79SC HF SSTV DIG OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society
 5465 M0HEM Dagenham Ford Heritage Centre 1+2 3+4 Dagenham JO01BN HF M0HEM
 5466 W0AK Fort Des Moines Museum and Education Center 1+2 Des Moines, Iowa EN31EM HF VHF CW Des Moines Radio Amateurs' Association
 5467 GB0HMG Harlow Museums and Gardens 1+2 3+4 Harlow JO01BS HF VHF Harlow & District Amateur Radio Society
 5468 GB4RM Rye Castle Museum 1+2 3+4 Rye JO00IW HF VHF M0EDU
 5469 MX0WRR Norfolk Tank Museum 1+2 Diss JO02OL HF VHF Waveney Wireless Group
 5470 MX0WRR Waveney Heritage Centre 3+4 Harleston JO02OL HF VHF Waveney Wireless Group
      TBA = Not yet notified      
R&E C = Radio & Electronics Club
VSC = Veteran Signals Club
RC = Radio Club
ARC = Amateur Radio Club
DARC = District Amateur Radio Club
ARS = Amateur Radio Society
ARG = Amateur Radio Group

More museums will be added to the list, as soon they complete registration.

The list on this page only contains this years registrations, the list of those who took part in earlier years can be found on the Past events page.

Registration gives both you and the stations you make contact with, several advantages. Other stations taking part will also know exactly where in the world both you and your museum are located from your callsign.



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